The Grass is Always Greener and other stories

The Grass is Always Greener and other stories
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The Grass is Always Greener•Thou shall love thy neighbor . . . or not Viscery•Where abduction meets obsession My Best Friend's Funeral•Joe Cardigan plants people--he's the funeral plannerThe Grass is Always Greener was the first short story ever written by Sandra Balzo (Maggy Thorsen Coffeehouse Mysteries and Running on Empty), yet it was picked up by Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (March 2003) and won both the Robert L. Fish and Macavity awards for Best Short Story. Balzo's second story, Viscery, was also published in EQMM (December 2004) and went on to win the Derringer Award and a nomination for the Macavity. Now those edgy stories by this award-winning author, best known for her regional mysteries, are available for the first time since their original publication, bundled with an original short story, My Best Friend's Funeral.

Four short stories, all compact little gems. Two are winners of various awards, and have that sort of polished, Ellery Queen's Mystery Mag feel to them. It's nice that writers can make such stories available these days, even if you missed the original publication…Based on this book, I'm interested in reading more by this author. -on Amazon.com


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