Bean There, Done That
Audio Narration by Karen Savage

Bean There, Done That
Book Description
Heres a tip: if your ex-husbands mistress-cum-missus asks for your help in proving that he cheated on her while he was married to you, just say no. And, whatever you do, don't invite her in . . .

“Balzo gives an old formula new life with crisp dialogue, complex characters and a puzzle that can’t be beat.” - Kirkus (starred review)

“An engaging sleuth, Maggy puts her own humorous, breezy spin on everything, from coffee lore to the colorful locals, in a cozy that will leave readers guessing until the end.” - Publishers Weekly


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Tips from the grounds floor
Ginger, cardamom, pepper and citrus highlight the sharpness of coffee and heighten its flavor.
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