Uncommon Grounds
Audio Narration by Karen Savage

Uncommon Grounds
Book Description
In a town where high heels are appropriate attire for a trip to the hardware store, why would any one of the town's latte loving citizens hot-wire an espresso machine with 220 shocking volts on the very day of its grand opening?

“In her delightful debut, Balzo puts a 21st-century spin on the traditional cozy, replacing tea with coffee as the comfort beverage of choice. Readers will want to curl up with this winner with a cappuccino or maybe even a Viennese cinnamon latte.” - Publishers Weekly

“…as wonderfully rich and sharply written as anything going. What moves Balzo’s book high above other writers who try to cover the same territory is a sharp and often amusing skill that convinces us that this is real life, and that it matters.” - Chicago Tribune


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