Brewed, Crude and Tattooed
Audio Narration by Karen Savage

Brewed, Crude and Tattooed
Book Description
The new ‘Maggy Thorsen’ coffee-house mystery - Maggy Thorsen, co-owner of coffee-house Uncommon Grounds, is trapped in a shopping mall by a snow storm, which cuts the electricity and phone lines. She finds the body of Way Benson, the owner of the mall.Maggy's discovery unearths other refugees of the storm and more than one of these people has a motive for killing the arrogant Way. Then there is another murder . . .

“Near the start of Balzo’s lively fourth Maggy Thorsen mystery, a sudden spring “thundersnow” traps Maggy and friends in Benson Plaza, the Brookhills, Wis, strip mall where Maggy rents space for her coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds.. . . Credible characters and a well-constructed plot.” - Publishers Weekly

“A freak May snowstorm provides the perfect cover for murder in a suburban strip mall [and,] armed with flashlights from Goddard’s Pharmacy, Maggy leads her mighty band of retailers on a quest to capture the killer.” - Kirkus Reviews


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