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Essential Worker Jeremiah

Hero Dogs is featuring Jerry's namesake (Hero Dog Jeremiah Healy) in this issue of The Paw Print. Thank you to everyone who donated in Jerry's name, especially Brendan DuBois and SJ Rozan, who organized it all. Jeremiah--a beautiful golden retriever--is nearly six years old, can you believe it? He's an essential worker in the Inova Children's Emergency Room at Loudoun Hospital, bringing comfort to kids and, now, Covid patients, but also to his fellow healthcare workers.

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Flat White

Lucky Maggy #13 is off to the publisher!

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Cover for Murder a la Mocha

The long and short(haired) of it

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New Book Out Now, The Important of Being Urnest

Get ready for your next great read - author Sandra Balzo has written her 10th novel featuring heroine Maggy Thorsen, The Important of Being Urnest, came out in December.

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What's the Story on TO THE LAST DROP

In this month's Southern Writers

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